Lesson 9 – File Management Copy

Providing files to clients

Once you are happy with your editing and have created a version you are happy to give to a client you have several options available.

  1. Burn a C.D. for the client. This is not covered in this course, however most laptops with a CD drive have the facility. One question is – How will your client listen to it? If someone gave me a CD, I would probably listen in the car. Not a good idea for hypnotic recordings, but ok for coaching or motivational recordings.

  2. Put it on their phone. With all the various phones available this may be more of a problem than you think. If your happy doing it, OK. When the client listens, will they still get text, calls etc?

  3. Send it via the internet: Most mail servers have a 10mb limit, so I recommend WeTransfer. It is easy to use and free, just add your file, the client’s email and a message, they will then get an email to download it. They can then add it to their own phone, MP3 player or burn a CD.
    There are cloud based systems – Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and again not covered in this course.

  4. Add the file to your own website for free/paid download: This is something that can be done reasonably easy, if you maintain your own website, you may need a plugin or similar, follow the process and link it to PayPal or similar if it is a paid download. Promote the downloads, sit back and wait for the money to come in. In reality this may not happen, I would give at least one away free, this way prospective clients can get a feel of your voice and your style.

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