Lesson 5 – Let’s Get Ready for a Journey Through the Body


Let’s Get Ready for a Journey Through the Body

Remember the grounding exercise we did right at the start? This practice is an extended version: welcome to your first body scan!

In the body scan, we use sensations in the body as an ‘anchor’ for our attention. It’s an exploration of experience, bit by bit, starting from the feet and working our way up to the head. Of course, when doing this practice on your own, without guidance, you’re free to start from your head – or anywhere else!

And if there are body parts where you don’t actually feel anything? It’s normal! And it’s still something that you can notice and observe… the absence of feeling. It seems a paradoxical question, but… how does no feeling feel? What’s your experience of it?

Here is my own recording of a body scan suitable for beginners. There are countless more available for free on the internet, so you really have plenty of choice if you don't get on with this one!

Click the link below for the downloadable version.

Body scan for beginners