Lesson 5 – Editing Basics Copy

In this video we start to explore editing your audio file.

Editing files

Once you have recorded a file, you may have some editing to do? This can be mistakes, Er’s Um’s or cough’s. Whilst recording it is good practice to note any mistakes made and the time, this will make it easier to find it.

Once you have selected an area to edit it will be shown as a highlighted grey colour. Press the spacebar (play) or press play to check this is correct, make any adjustments, press the delete button or use the menu – edit – delete option. This is a good time to use the zoom in tool (ctrl+1 zoom in) zoom in so that you can really “see” the sound you want to cut out, this may take a bit of practice. The more you edit the easier it becomes. (ctrl+3= Zoom out). Should you make a mistake and remove too much use the – Edit/Undo or ctrl+Z to Undo.

Continue throughout your file saving the project regularly until all editing is complete. You may wish to save this version as a project. Once you add music you can save several versions and change the music/effects in each version.