Lesson 2 – Keyboard Shortcuts Copy

Here is a list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts used in Audacity. This information will be available to print out in the course manual.

Home key = Move cursor to start of track.

End key = Move cursor to end of track.

Left & right arrow keys = Moves cursor along track.

Ctrl+C = Copy selection

Ctrl+V = Paste selection.

All zoom commands have keyboard shortcut equivalents:

Zoom action    Keyboard shortcut

Zoom In           Ctrl + 1

Zoom Normal  Ctrl + 2

Zoom Out        Ctrl + 3

Zoom Toggle   Shift + Z

Fit Project to Width     Ctrl + F

Fit Project to Height    Ctrl + Shift + F

Zoom to Selection       Ctrl + E

Mac users: Use ⌘ instead of Ctrl.