Lesson 1 – The Tools Copy

During this video, you will learn about the toolbar in Audacity

During this lesson we look at the toolbar in Audacity:

When you open Audacity you will see this screen at the top. Take a look at the tools and explore what they do. Your layout may be slightly different depending on your version of Audacity.
Please watch the video that comes with this lesson for further information on how each tool is used.
Many of the tools only work once you have a file recorded, Hit the record button and say something, this will give you a chance to explore each tool.

The main menu

During this beginners’ course we will be using this menu and some keyboard shortcuts. Some of the other controls are more advanced and out of the scope of this course.

The playback controls


Click each tool with your mouse this will select that tool, click back to the cursor | to select parts of the track after using another tool type.


Adjusts the recording and playback volume. You may need to adjust these to suit your microphone and speaker set-up. This may take a few times to get the right settings for you. Pay particular attention to the microphone settings and you want to start with the best audio possible. Poor sound will always be poor sound.

Zoom tools

Please view the video on this section for more information regarding the zoom tools. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts – ctrl+1 = Zoom in. ctrl+2 = Fit to screen. ctrl+3 = Zoom out.

Device Selection

These relate to Sound card, Microphone input, Mono/Stereo, Speaker settings.
The description of these will be different depending on your PC sound card, microphone and speakers.