Getting started – Equipment Needed

Here is a short list of your requirements to create audio recordings:

Laptop or MacBook: Reasonable specification, the faster the processor and amount of hard drive space will help, however most laptops under 5 years old should be powerful enough.
Microphone: You can use the onboard mic, however generally these are of a lower quality than an external microphone. I recommend a tie clip mic for recording better sound. If you have a home studio you may wish to buy a studio mic or use the tie clip mic.
Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone

Headphones: I would recommend the full closed in headphones as this style blocks a lot more background noise out. If you can afford it, go for noise cancelling one. However, this is a luxury not a necessity.

Audio editing software: There are hundreds of options to choose from, I would recommend AVS Audio (Paid) package and Audacity (Free).
Audacity is a free to use audio editor. Others are available, however this course is specifically based on Audacity.

Software available here:
Audacity –

Something to record. During the course you will need to record and edit your content. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any content yet. This can be added later.